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Alireza Abbasi: Sports is a valuable gift to the heart

Alireza Abbasi, the well-known face of sports science in the world, said about the relationship between sports and the heart, whenever we consider these two as close friends, our body is in perfect health.


The heart is a big muscle, and every muscle needs regular exercise to be healthy and to prevent damage.
In an athletic young adult, cardiac output may increase from the normal 6 L/min to 25 L/min or more during vigorous exercise, and oxygen consumption may increase from 250 mL/min to 1,500 mL/min. And the heart rate can increase from the normal state of 72 beats per minute to 180 beats per minute.
If you do regular exercise for 3-4 days a week for 40 minutes, you will always have a healthy heart because regular exercise acts like beta-blocking drugs and makes you unnecessary to take drugs.


Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises (walking, swimming), strength exercises (weight training and resistance exercises) are great for heart health because they increase muscle capacity and the heart does not need to work hard.
Exercise helps to quit smoking because it creates a mechanism in the body that strengthens your willpower.
Exercise regulates hormones and reduces stress. Stress is one of the factors that can put pressure on the heart.
Regarding asthma patients, he added: Exercise is suitable for all ages and diseases, therefore, according to the conditions and severity of the disease, exercise will be prescribed.

The heart of a professional athlete

In the end, Dr. Abbasi pointed out the size of the heart of professional athletes and added: The big and bulky heart is one of the hallmarks of professional athletes. Their pumping ability is high, and this increases the delivery of oxygen to body tissues during rest and activity. These are due to the increase in the stroke volume of the heart, the increase in filling means the expansion of the heart.
I advise professional athletes not to give up high-intensity sports immediately after retirement, as this can lead to serious and irreparable injuries.

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