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Alireza Abbasi received the doctorate degree of DBA.

Alireza Abbasi, the famous figure of sports science in the world, specialized in the highest level of executive management (DBA) (Doctor of Business Administration) and was able to pass this valuable course for senior managers with an A-level grade point average, and another golden leaf to his rich resume. and add its brilliance.
The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a research doctoral degree that focuses on the applied practices of business and commerce. The level of courses in DBA is higher than courses in management courses such as MBA or Master of Business Administration.
With its research approach, the DBA course provides you with the opportunity to forecast and investigate various issues of your organization and find the most effective solutions by applying current management knowledge. During this course, the insight and ability to combine and adjust management theories according to the conditions of the domestic labor market will be created so that managers can use them in order to achieve the strategic goals of their organization.

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