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Dr. Alireza Abbasi became an international trainer of the World Federation in the field of bodybuilding and personal fitness.

Dr. Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26, 1987 in Tehran, who is a well-known face of sports science in the world, succeeded in receiving the highest degree in bodybuilding and personal fitness coaching from Germany.

Fitness includes several aspects, each of which is very important.
First aspect
, the strength and strength of muscles (Musculoskeletal Fitness). Cardiac muscles, stretching muscles and limb muscles all need training and strengthening. Muscle strength helps us to have energy and the ability to perform physical activities well.

The second aspect

is flexibility, which is the range of motion of your joints and means the body’s ability to perform various movements and achieve the desired range of motion. The flexibility of the body helps to prevent injuries and problems related to joints and muscles and to perform better.

The third aspect

Cardiorespiratory Fitness. The cardiovascular system plays an important role in the functioning of the body. Cardiovascular fitness means your body’s ability to absorb and use oxygen (which feeds all your tissues), something that is directly related to your health and quality of life. The greater the strength of the heart and blood vessels, the better the physical performance and endurance of sports activities. Maximum oxygen consumption (Vo2max) is a measure commonly used for this.

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