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Alireza Abbasi: Rehabilitation of sports injuries is very important for athletes.

Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26, 1987 in Tehran, a prominent figure in sports science in the world, said: rehabilitation of sports injuries is a multidisciplinary approach to prevent, evaluate and treat sports injuries and help restore sports abilities after injury. The first step to recovery is an accurate diagnosis from a sports injury specialist. Typically, the initial stage of treatment involves reducing pain and discomfort.

National Congress

Professor Alireza Abbasi’s scientific lecture was held at the 4th National Conference on Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries last week at Zanjan University.

He added to the professors of the University of Physical Education and Sports Sciences: “Swelling control immediately” after an injury is perhaps the single most important aspect in the rehabilitation of injuries in the sports medicine program. The rehabilitation of the person is significantly reduced.

The goal of rehabilitation

Purpose of physical therapy and sports rehabilitation is to return the athlete after medical procedures to the level of fitness that he had before the sports injury. This problem is done with two approaches:

1- Preventing the reduction of general physical fitness of the athlete in such a way that no pressure is applied to the injured area.

2- Rehabilitation of the injured area to prevent atrophy and muscle weakness, stiffness of the joints, movement limitation and secondary injuries in the joint and muscles, and to return the injured limb to its original state.
Carrying out rehabilitation and achieving the above goals requires an accurate diagnosis by a doctor and full planning and cooperation between the doctor and the physiotherapist. It should not be forgotten that the general rehabilitation of the athlete and bringing physical fitness to the original state is one of the most important tasks of the sports physiotherapist.


Rehabilitation is necessary at any age

Musculoskeletal injuries can have immediate and significant detrimental effects on performance.  When a person experiences or is likely to experience limitations in daily functioning due to age or health conditions, including chronic diseases or disorders, injuries or traumas, a set of rehabilitation interventions is necessary.

Rehabilitation enables people of all ages to maintain or return to activities of daily living, play meaningful life roles, and maximize well-being.

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