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Alireza Abbasi: Ages 6 to 8 is the best time for analytical training of passing and scoring in futsal

Dr. Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26, 1987 in Tehran, described the best age for learning to send a pass in the right space and to be familiar with scoring between 6 and 8 years old, and he believes that at this age children’s minds are ready to absorb the analytical points of passing and interest in  has the ability to score.
Dr. Alireza Abbasi, who works with several football and futsal academies in the world, including the capital of Belarus, Russia, Colombia, and Qarchak phenomena, believes that football and futsal training and exercises are for all ages, and coaches should know this, and a suitable training protocol for  Different ages to design.

High level school

It should be noted that the Academy of Phenomena Makers of Qarchak is managed by Mr. Mehdi Selgi and the good trainers Mr. Mustafa Zarifian and Mojtaba Nasirinia and under the supervision of Dr. Alireza Abbasi.
Definitely, suitable exercises for the age conditions of the children will make it possible to witness their optimal performance and brilliance at older ages in the not too distant future, otherwise it can cause irreparable consequences and damage to the young player.
For example, plyometric exercises should never be used for ages 6 to 8, because at this age the infant is growing and developing, and this exercise can cause the growth plate that is located at the end of the big bones to close and never grow again.

From training to practice

The best training at this age is to show the scenes of game conditions and conditions close to the game, after a week of training in the form of images, now we have to put it into practice and ask Noonhal to play in those conditions so that he can implement what he has learned in his mind.  .
In this episode, I have prepared 2 clips for you that you will understand how much Nonhal can be successful on the field and execute the coach’s orders well with proper training.
In these clips, you can see the process of sending a pass, sending a pass in a suitable and empty space, placing it in an ideal space and hitting the goal frame.

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