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Alireza Abbasi: Rugby helps to learn hard work, teamwork and increase social skills

Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26, 1987 in Tehran, a well-known figure in sports science, said:

Many believe that rugby is too violent and should not be considered as a sport. Even some players working in the NFL (American Rugby League) have announced that they will not allow their son to play rugby. On the other hand, some people consider rugby a very good sport that has many benefits for athletes and believe that the media’s warning about the risk of injury to players is just a form of controversy. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this game.

Develop skills with rugby

The great professor of sports science in the world believes that rugby not only strengthens the physical strength, speed, and technique of athletes, but also provides a framework that cultivates other skills, including learning hard work, strategy, teamwork, and increasing social skills. did These are lessons that help young people succeed in their lives and overcome problems.
Rugby is also an attractive sport for spectators. Watching the skills of the athletes is enjoyable for the spectators. Finally, rugby also creates social status for the athletes themselves in high school or college, and this issue tempts many to pursue rugby professionally in order to achieve fame and social status. For many people, exercise is the last possible chance to get out of the chaotic situation of their life.

Rugby can be dangerous

We must have a logical view of its dangers. The dangers of rugby are many and undeniable. Every year, several rugby players die due to head trauma or cardiac arrest. Also, injuries that lead to permanent disability are not a rare phenomenon. But the fact is that head injuries are more common in cycling than in football. Concussions are more common in football than in rugby.

Prevention of risks

According to sports experts, perhaps the most important and best way is to increase the level of awareness and knowledge. Proper tests before the game, having the right equipment and using the correct techniques can be a great help in this matter, also by reducing the number of collisions, the amount of risk can be reduced, that is why the amount of collisions in training should be reduced. Changing the rules and penalizing dangerous techniques such as hitting the opponent’s head can reduce the risks of the sport.
Teddy Rosevelt saved this sport from extinction in 1905. Rugby changed a lot after that and helmets were added after a while. People’s awareness of the importance of injury prevention should be increased and the culture of sports should also change to clarify the concept of injury.

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