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Alireza Abbasi: My goal is to inject physiological science into the body of futsal

Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26, 1987 in Tehran, a well-known face of futsal and football science in the world, added:

Soccer and Futsal

Soccer and Futsal are among the exciting and dynamic sports that have been able to introduce their position as specialized sports.  According to the nature of these sports and the environment in which the game is played (including the size of the field, game environment, game time, game systems and skills and conflicts in these sports), several factors play a role.  .  Therefore, it is natural that both sports have special physiological and movement needs, so that they develop the necessary programs according to the special needs of this sport.


In the research conducted, the VO2max of football players was higher than that of futsal players. Aerobic power is the main source of energy production in soccer and futsal games and there is a great relationship between the type of training taking into account the intensity or duration of the aerobic power training sessions and in addition, in the general comparison between different players of the soccer team according to the amount Their activity was done in different game conditions with futsal team players. A significant difference was seen in their aerobic capacity and this could be due to different conditions in the skill type and training conditions of the players of the two teams.

Lactic acid

It is suggested that in other researches, the set of influencing factors and main indicators should be identified and investigated together. Despite this, this kind of research can provide useful information to coaches and those involved in the selection of talented players.

Elite players

Elite players are those who compete at the national or professional level. In the culture of sports science and exercise, elite refers to a person who is more talented, superior or trained than others in a society. There is little information about comparing the physiological factors of professional football and futsal players, and considering the importance of recognizing these characteristics by coaches and athletes and their role in the selection process of players, the main goal of this article is to compare the physiological characteristics of professional football players. And it will be futsal. Also, knowing the anthropometric, physical, physiological and movement characteristics of football and futsal players will open a new window to the condition of people for coaches, supervisors and those involved in football (football and futsal).

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