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Alireza Abbasi reached an agreement with the Futsal and Football Academy “Stolitsa-Uni” of the Republic of Belarus.

Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26, 1987 in Tehran, a well-known face of futsal and football science in the world, signed a cooperation agreement with “Stolitsa-Uni” football and futsal academy of the Republic of Belarus in the field of scientific research cooperation.
Professor Alireza Abbasi, who has been able to present valuable articles and materials for the development and expansion of futsal and football in the world in recent years, this time the attention of the Futsal and Football Academy of Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus, was drawn to him, and the general director of the academy, Mr. Sirotko Ivan, was with him. Entered into negotiations and finally an agreement was reached.

Sports science

Sports science is a science that deals with the scientific and specialized issues of sports, and the purpose of this science is that those who are interested in sports can find out all the issues related to sports science and apply it in order to suffer less. injured and also increase their skills in any sport through sports science.

Mr. Sirotko Ivan’s letter states:

Mr. Professor Alireza Abbasi!
The content of your works has been successfully used many times by the coaches of our academy “Stolitsa-Uni” to select and train young football and futsal players. Your help in preparing the athletes allowed us to do a structural analysis of our training system.
We wish you further professional success!

Chairman of the Board
“Capital” mini football club of Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Director General of Stalitsa Academy
Mr. Sirotko Ivan

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