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Alireza Abbasi received a letter of appreciation from Fede Vidal, head coach of the Spanish national team

Alireza Abbasi, the famous face of football and futsal science in the world, received a valuable letter of appreciation from Mr. Fede Vidal, the famous head coach of the Spanish national team, in line with his valuable actions towards the development and improvement of sports science in the world.
The prominent Spanish head coach believes that the contents and articles of this Iranian elite young man, who should be considered the brainchild of world sports science, have greatly helped Asian and European coaches and changed their attitude towards the physiological and training issues of players to a great extent. .

In this letter, appreciation is ready:

Dear Mr. Alireza Abbasi

It is a pleasure to value the efforts of people like you to promote professional development in sports.
I am honored to confirm that your research papers are an excellent basis for studying improvement options in soccer and futsal.
I wish you all the best for your work and I hope you can keep up the great work
A sincere greeting
Las Rosas (Madrid), June 4, 2024
Federico Vidal Montaldo.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Abbasi had received letters of appreciation from Mr. Dr. Nowrozi, President of the Iran Sports Medicine Federation, Mr. Jose and Nancy Lopez Hero, the best FIFA lecturer, for his scientific and international activities in order to make Iran proud.

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