Ali Imani, the former goalkeeper of Iran’s national futsal team, said: The quality of goalkeepers has improved significantly.

Ali Imani, coach of Ferdous Qom goalkeepers, said: Iran’s Premier Futsal League has made great progress in terms of technical and facilities, and this process will definitely accelerate in the coming years.

The former goalkeeper of the national futsal team stated that the clubs realized the importance of the goalkeeping coaches’ work and stated: According to experts, 60% of the team’s success is determined by the presence of a ready goalkeeper.  But nowadays, the conditions have changed and the quality of goalkeepers has improved significantly.

Regarding the style of goalkeeping in European futsal, Ali Imani added: The style of goalkeeping has changed a lot in the past few years.  High-quality goalkeepers who participate in team work and help in the attack department and can take the pressure of the opponent, and by adding to the work of team tactics with a numerical advantage, they increase the attack power of their own team.

In the recent match between Palma and Sporting, you can clearly see the unveiling of the word neo-goalkeeper and the new style of goalkeeping.

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