Alireza Abbasi: The need for exercise is felt more in disabled people than in healthy people

Alireza Abbasi, the well-known face of sports science in the world, said
The need for exercise and its health effects are felt much more in disabled people than in healthy people. Sports brings disabled people to the level of society and makes them independent, today disabled people participate in social activities and competitions on a large scale and have introduced their identity to the society.
When there is a disturbance between the relationship between the person and the environment, we say that the person has a disability. Or in other words, it can be said that the person suffered from a series of physical, mental, social disorders or a combination of them that had a negative impact on his life and set of behaviors. All these factors have caused a person to have a disturbance in his normal life.


1- Avoiding more disability and preventing it.
2- Preventing depression in the disabled and creating a lively and enthusiastic life for them. It also prevents premature aging.
3- Increasing the life expectancy of the disabled.
4- Helping them to increase social communication and create an environment for communication with friends and peers.
5- Creating self-confidence in the disabled for a happy and prosperous life.
6- Informing people about the existence of disabled sports and how to do it.
7- Creating an independent and beautiful place with many facilities for the disabled to exercise.
8- Giving administrative positions and management of sports complexes to the disabled.


• Having stronger muscles and bones
• Better coordination of hands and feet
• Reducing stress and improving mood
• Having a sense of self
• increasing the self confiedence
• Improving the quality of life
• Preventing the development of problems and diseases
• Better functioning of the digestive system.

Suitable sports for the disabled

Strength and aerobic sports for the disabled:
Do two and a half hours of aerobic exercise a week. Strength exercises make the heart stronger and strengthen it. Disabled people who are interested in strength sports can use the following sports.
• fast walking
• Pushing yourself in a wheelchair
• Collect leaves.

Do strengthening exercises two days a week

Doing such sports for the disabled has made their muscles gradually stronger. In this exercise, always try to exercise the muscles that are used less. Disabled people can do the following strengthening exercises:
• Sit-ups
• Swim
• Lifting weights.


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