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Vic Hermans: «The Dutch Federation did not listen to me and that’s why they are so far behind»

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Here on “Sexto Anillo” we interview Victor Jacobus Hermans, best known as Vic Hermans. Born in the Dutch city of Maastricht (17/03/1953), recently arrived in Indonesia to manage the National Team. This globetrotter coach is facing a new stage in the Asian continent.

Hermans started his career in football, but then he wanted to change mode and began playing futsal, reaching the 1989 World Championship final with his National team. After this result, he decided to retire and start his career on the bench, during which he has developed a very impressive résumé: head coach in the Dutch and Belgian leagues, assistant manager of the National team of Netherlands, manager of Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Iran, Netherlands, Malta and Thailand national teams, as well as 3 World-Cup participations.

In the following lines, we chat about his past, his present and his expectations in South-East Asia, as well as his opinion on the current situation of our sport. A manager who leaves nobody indifferent.

Question: Your were named the MVP of 1989 World Futsal Championship. How did this influenced your transition from the court to the bench?

Answer: In beginning you think as a player but later you understand that you cannot score from the side. Your expertise must come from your training and tactics during the week.

Q: Let’s know a little more about this globetrotter: How would you define yourself as a coach?

A: It’s for me strange that I always make a choice for developing countries. I like this but now I be a little older would be nice that you can sit back on the bench and have a top team or country.(Example on the end of my four years in Thailand)

Q: You are going to start a collaboration with the FSG Academy next June, in your home country, where you’re going to apply your training method for this sport. What can you tell us about this new project?

A: This is very interesting. Why? The students coming on scholarship to the Netherlands. The first thing is the school. Then 20 hours their own sport. This can be Basketball, Football or Futsal etc. They learning the English language. Training and playing by sports clubs in de league. This for maximum four years. No problem with emigration papers. The age is between 14 and 19 years old. Also we doing week summer camps in the month July. The coaches are all old National players and one still in the national team from Turkey. We are now also talking with the KNVB about this project because we thinking that the level increase for the competition with this.

Q: What is your opinion on the futsal movement in the Netherlands today?

A: I saw Netherlands against Russia before I left to Indonesia. Me task was to improve the level in my period between 2001 and 2009. But you need the KNVB for this. They don’t follow my plans and that’s why we walking behind the most countries. I set up region teams for 0/17, 0/19 and 0/21. This for boys and girls. After I left the new coach drop this and every player can play now Football and Futsal again. I hope that the new coach Max Tjaden can turn this again. Futsal players must play Futsal and not both.

Q: Do you think that projects like yours with the FSG Academy are necessary to reach the next level and compete in international competitions in the future?

A: Yes because I said “They play only Futsal”. Training and playing make them better.

Q: After a period of rest, you are back at coaching, taking the reins of the Indonesia National Team. What led you to accept the charge and start this new adventure?

A: My rest had to do with my situation in Thailand. First I wait three month before I left Thailand. Then everybody was preparing for the World Championships Futsal in Colombia. Then UEFA send me to Malta for UEFA B License and Sweden for5 nation Tournament. FIFA ask me to to Saudi Arabia to conduct FIFA Futsal course and AFC ask me for the first Elite Futsal Course in Iran. You see quit busy. Between I had some offers and choice Indonesia because I think that they have the same quality as the Thailand players.

Q: How were your first days in Indonesia? What did you feel at your arrival, and how was your first contact with the Indonesian supporters?

A: My first day’s were havy because rain season. I was three day’s in Jakarta and move out to Yogyakarta because here will the 0/20 team train and located.Saw already two groups playing in the Premier League and fiell that they are happy that I be here.

Q: In Indonesia, they rely a lot on you, especially after the bad performance of the National team at the latest AFF Cup.What are your goals for the next competitions?

A: Yes I saw. But dont forget that this AFF tournament was be played with any competition in Indonesia. And for me was the tournament with only 7 countries not like other years. My goals are to set up an new team that will play from out an controling system.

Q: The Pro Futsal League is already starting this month. What are you going to look for in the domestic league to reinforce the National team?

A: I’m looking first for the 0/20 players who are going to the tournament in Bangkok and then also for new national players. I have already the 0/20 team in view and 25 players for the national team on my list.

Q: You already have 5 World Cups on your shoulders. Do you imagine yourself competing in a six edition?

A: I had already as player 1989 Holland and as coach Hong Kong 1992, Maleisia in Spain 1996, Guatamala with Holland  ass in 2000 and Thailand 2012 on my list. And  my target is ofcourse number six with Indonesia.

Q: Do you think Asia is the continent with the biggest potential to burst into futsal at an international level?

A: I really think that Asia has the potential. I said this already In 1992. But they must change some things in the structure. On off the most important things for me is that the coach is more important than a manager. Let him work and as manager make contact in the tribune with your collages. Talking about development in your country and change experience with each other.

Q: Another prominent figure in Asian futsal is Miguel Rodrigo. As is known, you had some disagreement with him in the past. What kind of relationship do you have with him now?

A: That’s new for me. Maybe that we thinking different means not that we don’t like each other. Miquel has the same passion as me. Fighting for Futsal.

Q: What do you think about the “Spanish product” of the coaches who worked in Asian futsal?

A: Everybody in Asia who are coming from another country try to do their best. And Spain has for me a good structure on the hand of Javier Lozano. Javier and myself made the first book for FIFA together. I realise that they working with the same vision as in Holland. Example in this was Johan Cruyff brought the Football with also idees from Holland to Spain and a lot off Spanish coaches who are working now on the top, Guardiola, Enrique, telling how good his vision was. Only the problem is that we in Holland and Spain now having too much coaches without work.

Q: The futsal star Ricardinho recently declared that the sport is less and less spectacular. What is your opinion on the issue? What do you think it should change on a tactical and regulatory level to make it more entertaining?

A: Ricardinho is right. I’m fighting already 20 years that the Futsal game will not be ended as a ruby match.On off the things is the sliding tackle. This destroy the technical game and players like Ricardinho and Falcao cannot showing their technique in the future anymore. Tactical I tryed to change some rules in the past. Excample; After 5 corners 10 meter shot. Than the teams will try to attack. Break also the game much faster open.I was always thinking that the Futsalgame must by an atractive game with a lot of goals.I think thet the upcoming PFL inthe US will bringhing a lot entertaining in the game. This because the owners ar coming from the NBA basketball and they like this.

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