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Alireza Abbasi: Get to know the common sports injuries in futsal better

Alireza Abbasi, born on July 26, 1987 in Tehran, a well-known figure in sports science (futsal-football), said: In any sport, you should expect damages, injuries and possible risks, especially in group sports. According to statistics, any sport that has more than 5 injuries per 1000 hours is considered one of the high-risk sports with a high percentage of injuries. Rugby and lacrosse are the highest with 30 injuries per 1000 hours, while basketball and squash are high-risk games with 14 injuries per 1000 hours.

There are different types of sports injuries, but there are special parts of the body that are more at risk of injury than other parts.
Note: RICE stands for rest, ice, pressure and elevation, which is one of the common treatments for sports injuries.


In futsal, due to the dimensions of the playing field and the range of activities in a small and limited space, players should use more explosive movements, phosphagen, as well as high agility along with broken movements and fast movement, which can cause serious injuries in futsal. area, Achilles, groin, ankle tendon, and also the cruciate ligaments of the knee, which I will mention here about some of them and how to treat them.

Achilles tendonitis

When the tendon behind the knee, the Achilles tendon, is used a lot, it will cause pain and swelling in that area. If left untreated, the injury can worsen to the point where running is difficult or impossible. This injury occurs mostly in runners and athletes who deal with running or jumping.

Prevention and treatment

giving stretching and strength exercises to the muscles and leg muscles can prevent this injury. RICE and anti-inflammatory treatments and strengthening the leg muscles are the best possible treatments for this condition. Do not start exercising until the condition is completely resolved because it will aggravate the condition.

Stretching of the thigh muscles

This complication occurs when you suddenly change direction while running in sports such as futsal. Its symptoms include deep pain, swelling and sometimes bruising inside the thigh.

Prevention and treatment

The best way to prevent this complication is to do stretching exercises before exercise. It is better to gradually increase the intensity of exercise to reduce the possibility of this condition. RICE and anti-inflammatory treatments are the best treatment methods for this injury. Avoid vigorous activity for a week or two after the onset of symptoms. After the complication occurs, put ice on the injured area to heal, then you can stretch and strengthen the muscles.

Sprains and sprains of the ankle

This injury is very common among people who play football, hockey, basketball and volleyball. It can be said that it is unavoidable in sports that involve running and jumping. These movements may twist the ankle and sometimes tear a tendon or ligament. With photography, it is possible to determine whether the member is fractured or not.
Prevention and treatment: Strengthening the ankle with soft movements, tying the wrist or using a wrist strap can prevent this from happening, but there is no guarantee that you will not get hurt if you fall or do wrong movements. Ankle sprains can be treated with RICE and anti-inflammatory medications. But do not rest for more than one day. You should try to gently shake and rotate your ankle to reduce its swelling.

Prevention is the best treatment

Most sports injuries are due to not warming up properly and stretching incorrectly before exercise. Suddenly increasing the intensity of exercise can also hurt you. Therefore, the best way to prevent it is to do proper stretching exercises before and after exercise and increase the intensity of exercise according to your skills and experience in that exercise.

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